Every year Exflo executes dozens of orders, delivering products like spill containment berms, flexible tanks, sound-absorbing mats and services dedicated to them, including repairs of tent halls coverings as well as membrane processing.

Since the company’s coming into being, Exflo has been engaged in 22 drilling and gas & oil industry projects. These were mainly projects connected to water delivery and storage, anti-leakage protection and noise abatement.

The main Exflo’s realizations within the past years:

2013: heating up water in pillow tanks – the capacity of 2400m3 (Lewino wellbore)
2014: first flexible spill containment berms
2017: first complex delivery of water storage and transfer service for hydraulic fracturing (Kramarzówka wellbore)
2017: providing flexible spill containment berms for Regional Military Logistics Base in Wałcz
2018: implementation of Exnoiser acoustic mats and completing comprehensive noise reduction projects for a few leading Polish companies
2018: producing spill containment berms for the conservation of huge sixteenth century punts for the State Archaeological Museum
2018/2019: delivery of Exnoiser R25 mats to PGNiG
2019: complex noise reduction project (from the analysis to setting Exnoiser’s acoustic mat barriers) for PeBeKa Inc. (Tomaszów Mazowiecki wellbore)
2019: making of the custom-made tanks base for UAN (Mrągowo)
2019: making of the scenery in the form of underslung membrane ceiling, with a total area 3600 m2 in halls, promoting Qiddiya project, where the Dakar Race was finished (Saudi Arabia)
December 2019: accomplishing the production of an open modular tank for water storage (Dębica wellbore)
December 2019 – January 2020: servicing of four big gas and oil exploration projects, three of them were the complex service in Sub-Carpatian Region and one – only a water storage in Lower Silesia

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