EFB spill containment: a Polish manufacturer helps to solve the problem of uncontrolled leaks

Uncontrolled spills of hazardous substances pose a real threat to the environment: soil, groundwater and, above all, for employees. The spill containment is one of the basic devices dedicated to reducing this risk. Our company, as a Polish manufacturer, has been providing one of such solutions that works in many industries since 2013. The spill containment made of plastic, or more precisely made of a special, durable membrane, can accommodate many barrels and pallet containers. Various models of spill containments from the Exflo offer allow you to increase the functionality for a specific location. The spill containment made of soft plastic can also be made to measure, starting from one piece. The final effect of using the Exflo sump tray: high functionality, ensured safety of the environment and employees, and savings that can be used for further investments in the company. Feel free to contact us!

10 February 2021