Exflo water tanks in gas field stimulation projects

In gas exploration and stimulation projects, water storage is an important part of the entire process. In December 2019, our flexible tanks were involved in all three processes taking place in our country. The photo shows the Gemini Resources project and the Sicina well in Dolnośląskie Voivodeship.

The three water tanks shown in the photo are an example of how to create a 600,000 liter warehouse in one day. The tanks were placed on a square lined with road slabs and did not require any additional construction works. Additional infrastructure (heating mats, suction and pressure hoses and a collector) and water tanks were transported by one truck. A forklift truck with an operator and three of our employees constituted a team that efficiently and quickly prepared the entire base for operation within several hours. Such a set of features means that our flexible water tanks can be moved in a very short time and work wherever they are needed.

10 February 2021