EFB spill containment: a Polish manufacturer helps to solve the problem of uncontrolled leaks

Uncontrolled spills of hazardous substances pose a real threat to the environment: soil, groundwater and, above all, for employees. The spill containment is one of the basic devices dedicated to reducing this risk. Our company, as a Polish manufacturer, has been providing one of such solutions that works in many industries since 2013. The spill […]

10 February 2021

Spill containment for installations using old construction

Installation with a tank containing 32% hydrochloric acid. The old protection, in the form of a concrete sump, required a tailor-made seal to avoid the tank relocation operation. Interestingly, 32% hydrochloric acid in two years of contact with our material has a non-compliance status, but the client did not intend to allow the situation to […]

10 February 2021

Exflo water tanks in gas field stimulation projects

In gas exploration and stimulation projects, water storage is an important part of the entire process. In December 2019, our flexible tanks were involved in all three processes taking place in our country. The photo shows the Gemini Resources project and the Sicina well in Dolnośląskie Voivodeship. The three water tanks shown in the photo […]

10 February 2021