flexible tanks for water, fertilizers, slurry

easy and quick storage of liquids

Storing liquids may be a challenge, however, a definitely safe and not requiring a lot of time and formalities solution are flexible tanks for water, rainwater, RSM, liquid manure. A Polish flexible tanks manufacturer – Exflo, offers both: tanks according to a standard series and customized ones (with a possibility of adjusting them to the required dimensions or modifications e.g. increasing the number of screws and their size). Made of a special technical fabric, they are resistant, waterproof and they provide unpressurised liquid storage, at the same time being resistant to a number of various chemical substances. The material, of which the tanks are made, is coated with a special varnish, protecting them from the negative UV radiation effects. All of Exflo flexible tanks have common features: their long-term durability, low base requirements and fast assembly – taking only up to a few dozens of minutes.


Exflo flexible water tanks may act as fire-rated water tanks and the offered solution fit in PN-B-02857:2017-04 norms (Fire protection for buildings, Fire-rated water tanks, General requirements). Acting in compliance with applicable standards enables Explo to cooperate with fire protection authorities, also including Main School of Fire Service in Warsaw (SGSP) on 31.07.2019. SGSP prepared “Guidelines for using portable water tanks produced by EXFLO LLC as fire-rated tanks”. Exflo fire-rated tanks do not require complicated construction and preparation works. The system of electric mats, offered by Exflo, prevents water in the tank from freezing, even in severe winter conditions.

Exflo flexible tanks may also be a valuable support in the times of drought and high fire hazard. After the end of usage period they may be disassembled in dozens of minutes and prepared for storing. Their mobility is also advantageous during the renovation of a stationary tank, when Exflo tanks may become a temporary water buffer.

Exflo offers fire-rated water tanks of the following capacities: 50, 100, 125, 150, 200, 250 m3

Using Exflo flexible Waterbase-F tanks as fire-rated water tanks means:

  • Safety: the tank provides a complete system, which protects water from freezing and is designed in compliance with norm requirements (mainly PN-B-02857:2017-04 Fire protection for buildings, Fire-rated water tanks, General requirements).
  • Time saving: due to the lack of advanced preparation works and uncomplicated assembly
  • Portability: possibility of changing tank’s location after its emptying
  • Saving of space: a possibility to manufacture a tailor-made tank to fit a particular square or room
  • Money saving – flexible tanks do not require complicated time consuming and costly construction works
  • Technical support and service provided by a Polish manufacturer

We also offer a possibility of renting flexible tanks for fire protection purposes as well as for water storage for the time of renovation of the stationary ones

Flexible tanks for liquid fertilizer

Designed for a safe storage of popular liquid fertilizers, such as UAN or ASL od density up to 1,40kg/dm3. Due to legal requirements tanks dedicated to liquid fertilizers need to have a double-layer compartment or a proper safety device preventing the leakage.
When it comes to Exflo’s offer – a double layer storage consists of the following set: flexible Exflo Farmer UAN tank, as well as impermeable elastic membrane, in which the container is placed, creating a basin or a spill containment berm.
Such a tank guarantees compliance with nitrate directive and other legal requirements. The graphics below presents an exemplary safety device (capture membrane is marked in green). Flexible Exflo tanks for UAN storage are durable, anti UV radiation protected, and their obsolescence exceeds 10 years time. Standard capacity of flexible Exflo tanks for UAN amounts from 1 to 250m3.



Exflo Farmer models are specialized products, made based on materials dedicated to the agricultural and biogas sector. A special technical fabric, is intended only for contact with natural fertilizers and digestate. This provides their safe and hermetic storage, which also effectively diminishes gas and smell emission.
Flexible Exflo Farmer tank provides storage of natural fertilizers in compliance with requirements of 91/676/EWG Council Directive of 12th December, 1991 (so-called “Nitrate Directive”) and Polish decrees effective from 26.07.2018 as part of nitrate programme.

Exflo Farmer tank also enables farms to create a fast, additional buffer both on their premises and near the target place of liquid manure drop.
Flexible pillow tanks do not have agitators and reverting the process of liquid manure fractionation may happen with the use of i.a. creation of a closed “pump-tank” system.

RAINWATER (and not only) TANKS

Exflo company offers so-called flexible and pillow tanks for versatile purposes, including storage of filthy water and sewage, drinking water, chemicals, oils and fuels – on special request. They also provide unpressurized and safe liquids storage. What is the most important – all in compliance with obligatory regulations.



Each of Explo flexible tank models is the simplicity of assembly. The tank requires to be disposed of in a smoothed area with a carrying capacity appropriate for the amount of liquid being inside (per square meter of the surface). The terrain under the tank has to be lacking sharp elements. Smoothing and hardening of the area can be done by depositing a proper ballast.

The tank (excluding UAN storage tanks)
is delivered along with a base fabric, which enhances the protection against microdamage. In practice, after the proper surface preparation, the tank can be placed i.a. on the meadow, hardened ground or concrete slabs.

Exflo, as a Polish manufacturer offers a delivery with full assembly or the possibility of its supervision. This guarantees the accuracy of the tank assembly and at the same time it is a training, which covers assembly and usage for the ordering party personnel.
Exflo offers also a service and mobile tech support. All this at a comprehensive price.