Ekrany akustyczne

Effective noise reduction from construction sites, boreholes, devices: aggregates and pumps, for use also during cultural outdoor events. The weatherproof, Exnoiser soundproofing mats enable the creation of temporary noise barriers and provide legally required noise protection. A single layer of Exnoiser R25 mats can reduce noise by up to 25db. Product available for sale and rental option.

Wanny wychwytowe

Limiting the risk of uncontrolled spills and their consequences is the responsibility of every entity that stores and uses hazardous substances. Flexible EFB sump trays are safe and very functional at the same time. After folding, they take up little space. Strong, durable material allows forklifts or even trucks to move on it. Exflo sump trays can be made to measure from just one piece.

Zbiorniki elastyczne

It takes up to thirty minutes to unfold the 250,000 liter pillow tank and ready to fill. Flexible tanks are a modern and proven technology for storing water, liquid fertilizers, rainwater and many other substances. Special, highly resistant technical fabrics guarantee safety and long service life. Exflo also offers flexible tanks according to individual requirements and dimensions.
O nas

Exflo: The power of flexible solutions!

Exflo Sp. z o.o. is a Polish company founded in 2011. Our mission is to help people – customers by providing products and services made with the use of special, flexible technical fabrics. We want to do it in the best possible way, safely for the environment, our colleagues and ourselves.

Everyone on our team tries to be the best every day. We develop our knowledge, regularly participate in trainings, conferences and tests to be able to offer reliable support and advice as well as safe products and services.

Our solutions are present in many industries and help to maintain business continuity, meet legal requirements and budget assumptions. Feel free to contact us, we will be happy to help!