Drinking water tanks

Drinking water tanks

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Waterbase Type D is a product line that combines the mobility of flexible tanks and safe storage of drinking water. All components used in this tank and in contact with water have been tested and have international approvals, including the PZH certificate.

Flexible tanks for water, therefore, facilitate its quick collection and distribution, wherever there is no access to the water supply infrastructure: construction sites, outdoor events, field camps. They will also prove useful in emergency situations: for the collection of additional resources at home or for the distribution of water in the event of a network failure.

The smaller Waterbase type D tanks, i.e. with a capacity of up to several thousand liters, can be easily transported in the trunk of a passenger car when folded. The volume of such an empty tank does not exceed 150 liters. Waterbase D drinking water tanks up to 5000 liters, weigh no more than 35 kilograms. May be carried freely by one adult.

Advantages – Drinking water tanks

PZH CERTIFICATE - The fabric of the tank jacket and all its internal elements are approved for contact with drinking water, confirmed by the PZH hygiene certificate
BPA FREE - The fabric of the tank jacket is made of materials that do not contain Bisphenol A.
Easy to transport: The tank can be easily and quickly moved
Installation up to 30 minutes: After receiving the tank, simply unfold it to each side and easily mount the connections. After 30 minutes, the tank will be ready for filling!
Resistance to UV radiation: The PVC fabric is protected with a special varnish, which extends its life during exposure to UV radiation.
Durable fabric: A special technical fabric with polyester mesh and PVC compound coating provides the necessary strength.
No tools required: No tools are required to assemble the tank.
5-year warranty
Cold resistance: The tanks are resistant to negative temperatures: down to -30 ° C.
Custom-made tank: In addition to the standard capacities, we offer tailor-made tanks to fit where you need it most. Individual pricing is free of charge.
HF technology: The use of high frequency welding (HF) ensures a permanent connection of fabrics in key areas of the product.
Made in Poland: We are a Polish company and the tanks are manufactured by us in Gdynia.


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Price list

You can download the price list in the PDF format.


Capacity (l) Dimensions:
length x
width (m)
Tank equipment Net price
1 000 3,92 x 1,00 m 2 “PVC-U flare connection with water valve potable (gw 2 “);
Air vent: 1 “with screw plug;
628 €
2 000 3,92 x 1,60 m 703 €
2 500 3,92 x 1,80 m 733 €
3 000 3,92 x 2,00 m 771 €
5 000 3,92 x 2,70 m 861 €
10 000 5,90 x 3,10 m DN80 flange connection with 3″ female thread and drinking water valve;
Air vent: 1″ with screw plug;
1 369 €
25 000 5,90 x 6,50 m 1 976 €
30 000 7,94 x 5,80 m 2 197 €
50 000 8,30 x 7,95 m 2 778 €
75 000 9,96 x 9,00 m 3 476 €
100 000 11,98 x 8,75 m 3 964 €