Flood barriers

Flood barriers

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The flexible Exflooder dam allows you to quickly and efficiently create a mobile flood embankment. It is an effective and efficient alternative to traditional sandbags. After folding, it takes up little space, which makes it easier to store and transport. The Exflooder is made of a three-layer PVC fabric, which provides the necessary resistance to mechanical micro-damage and allows it to adapt to the unevenness of the ground.

  • Filling the dam with water: through the inlet-outlet connection. In smaller dams, the connection is threaded with a plug, you must obtain the couplings yourself according to the applicable standards. Dams of larger diameters are equipped with a fire fighter’s cap and a cover.
  • Emptying the dam: through the inlet-outlet connection or, in the case of larger diameters, through an additional drain sleeve.
  • Connecting the barriers: done “overlapping” or with the use of an additional sleeve, if the model is equipped with it. Another barrier is placed in the sleeve of the dam, which, after being filled, fills the sleeve with its volume and builds a tight connection.

Advantages – “Exflooder” flood dams

Mobility: Thanks to the flexibility and, ultimately, small footprint, large numbers of dams can be transported quickly and efficiently to the location requiring intervention.
Easy to store: When folded, Exflooders occupy a few percent of their target volume, so relatively little space is required for storage.
Practical connection: Another barrier is placed in the sleeve, which, after filling, fills the sleeve with its volume and creates a tight connection (option in the model with sleeve). Other types of connection on request.
UV: The PVC fabric is protected with a special varnish, which extends its life during exposure to UV radiation.
HF technology: The use of high frequency welding (HF) ensures a permanent connection of fabrics in key areas of the product.
Made in Poland: We are a Polish company that produces, among others sump tubs.
Durable fabric: A special technical fabric with a polyester mesh provides the necessary strength of the product.

Technical data

Diameters of Exfloder flexible dams:

  • Round-section dams available – diameters: 20, 40 and 80 cm.
  • Lengths: 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 m
  • Filling: 1 or 2 ″ inlet / outlet connection
  • Draining: by means of a connection or a drain sleeve
  • Polyester fabric (PES) 1100Dtx coated with PVC, varnished on both sides, protected against UV radiation.
  • The minimum specific weight is 650g / m2.
  • Tensile strength:
    • Warp: 3000 N / 5 cm
    • Weft: 2800 N / 5 cm

Additional information – the height of PVC dams, when filled with water, will be approx. 20% less than the diameter.


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