Spill containment berms

Spill containment berms

During several production processes the chemical substances used may cause a significant risk for living organisms and the environment. In order to minimize this risk, appropriately selected spill containment berms are being used. Regulations, MSDS and internal procedures together with their appropriate implementation also help companies to use the hazardous substances in a proper way.

Spill containment berms – benefits

High chemical resistance: Special material resistant to most hazardous substances, e.g. engine oil or hydrochloric acid. Details of the resistance can be found in the resistance table at the bottom of the page.
Possible entry with a forklift: Sump trays allow smaller vehicles to enter freely for unloading.
Quick montage: Just unfold the product and place the wall supports in the appropriate pockets.
Use of HF technology: The use of high frequency welding (HF) ensures a permanent connection of fabrics in key areas of the product.
Ikonka - wanny na wymiar Tailor-made product: We offer custom-made spill containment berms – so that they fit where you need them most. Individual pricing is free of charge.
Made in Poland: We are a Polish company that produces, among others spill containment berms.
Durable fabric:A special technical fabric with a polyester mesh provides the necessary durability of the product.

Wide range of models

We offer 4 different models of spill containment berms:

  1. EFB Standard – The wall supports are separate elements.
  2. EFB Compact – The wall supports form one unit with the spill containment berms.
  3. IBC-BERM – Spill containment berms on a high structure attached to a special pallet.
  4. EFB MINI – Low spill containment berms for small containers, to be placed on a shelf or in a wardrobe.

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Technical parameters and chemical resistance

Below we show the tables for two versions of our product (version ‘STARTER” and “PLUS’ i.e. a stronger one). The chemical resistance table applies equally to two types of membrane. The list of compounds and their contact time with membrane of EFB spill containment berms is extensive. Nevertheless, if you do not find the desired substance in the basic table, please contact us.

Fabric parameters Model STARTER Model PLUS Compliance with the standard
Weight 900g/m2 1365g/m2 ASTM D 751
Tensile strength: warp 400 kg / 5cm 730 kg / 5cm ASTM D 751
Tensile strength: weft 380 kg / 5cm 700 kg / 5cm ASTM D 751
Tear strength: warp 32 kg 60 kg ASTM D 751
Tear strength: weft 25 kg 60 kg ASTM D 751
Cold resistance: – 40°C – 40°C DIN 53361, ASTM D 2136
Heat resistance: +70°C +70°C DIN 53361, ASTM D 2136



   Resistance to chemicals     No resistance to chemicals    Resistance to chemicals for 6 months Resistance to chemicals for 3 days

Chemicals Starter version Plus version
Ethanol not denatured 10-96%
Isopropanol 100%
Acid for accumulators
Oleic acid
Hydrocloric Acid 10%
Hydrocloric Acid 32%
Paraffin oil
Motor oil
Antifreeze for cars
Glycol aq
Calcium chloride aq

A detailed list of the resistance of the “Plus” spill containment berms to selected substances is included in the file ⇒ Spill containment berms – chemical resistance

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