Exflo Flexible Spill Containment Berms

Effective protection against the risk of uncontrolled leakage

During several production processes the chemical substances used may cause a significant risk for living organisms and the environment. In order to minimize this risk, appropriately selected spill containment berms are being used. Regulations, MSDS and internal procedures together with their appropriate implementation also help companies to use the hazardous substances in a proper way.

Driving a forklift truck around the Exflo's sump

Exflo sump trays are durable. A special, reinforced version of the material (“Plus”) allows the forklift to move freely on the unfolded sump tray. Thanks to this, you can secure a large warehouse space.


Exflo Flexible Spill Containment– Benefits

Exflo’s flexible spill containment berm is a guarantee of safe and effective protection against the risk of uncontrolled leakage of hazardous substances while storing them at the company’s premises
Exflo offers a product that can be customized, easy to transport and assemble. The assembly of the spill containment berm takes up to a few minutes and requires no tools. A forklift truck, which transports the containers can safely drive into Exflo’s spill containment berm. The cooperation is quick, simple and safe. The buyer has the certainty of a trouble free access to our Polish service. Exflo’s sales department team, equipped with knowledge of hazardous substances storage and ISO 14001 internal auditor’s certificate, provides substantive support and consulting.

How does the assembly of a soft plastic sump tray look like? Please see the videos below.


EFB Standard:

Technical parameters

Below we show the tables for two versions of our product (version ‘basic” and “plus’ i.e. a stronger one). The chemical resistance table applies equally to two types of membrane. The list of compounds and their contact time with membrane of EFB spill containment berms is extensive. Nevertheless, if you do not find the desired substance in the basic table, please contact us.

Fabric parameters Model: EFB BASIC Model: EFB PLUS Compliance with the standard
Weight 1000g/m2 1365g/m2 ASTM D 751
Tensile strength: warp 400 kg / 5cm 730 kg / 5cm ASTM D 751
Tensile strength: weft 380 kg / 5cm 700 kg / 5cm ASTM D 751
Tear strength: warp 32 kg 60 kg ASTM D 751
Tear strength: weft 25 kg 60 kg ASTM D 751
Cold resistance: – 40°C – 40°C DIN 53361, ASTM D 2136
Heat resistance: +70°C +70°C DIN 53361, ASTM D 2136

Compliance for two years of contact with the substance:

Good = A;

Unsatisfactory = B;

No data = C;

( ) = approximation

In case B and C value occurs, we can verify the substance for the number of days of contact with EFB spill containment berm fabric

Liquid Compliance
Water A
2% Potassium Chloride brine solution A
10% Potassium Chloride brine solution A
Seawater A
10% Sodium Chloride brine solution A
25% Sodium Chloride brine solution A
38% Calcium Chloride brine solution A
50% Citric Acid solution A
10% Acetic Acid solution (B)
Glacial Acetic Acid (C)
Acetic Anhydride (C)
60/40 Acetic Acid/Acetic Anhydride (C)
Acrylic Acid (C)
32% Hydrochloric Acid (C)
20% Hydrochloric Acid (C)
15% Hydrochloric Acid B
Hydrochloric Acid / Acetic Acid blends (C)
50% Sodium Hydroxide solution A
50% Potassium Hydroxide solution A
50% Ammonium Hydroxide solution A
50% Potassium Carbonate solution A
KOH and Pot carb blends A
Hydrogen peroxide A
Sodium hypoclorite A
Calcium hypochlorite (A)
Liquid Compliance
100% Methanol A
100% Ethanol A
100% Isopropanol A
100% Butanol A
Alcohol blends A
Ethoxylated C12+ alcohols (A)
Acetylenic alcohols (i.e., propargyl alcohol) (A)
100% Triethanolamine (B)
100% Diethanolamine (B)
100% Monoethanolamine (B)
70% Tetramethyl ammonium chloride (quat) (A)
50% Tetramethyl ammonium chloride (quat) (A)
100% Glycerin A
100% Ethylene glycol A
100% Diethylene glycol A
100% Ethylene glycol monobutyl ether (B)
Gasoline B
Kerosene A
Diesel A
Xylene (C)
Toluene C
Heavy Aromatic Naphtha (HAN) A
Mineral oil A
Motor oil A
Hydrogenated Mineral oil, Flash> 80°C (A)
Palm oil (A)
d-Limonene (A)
Sodium thiosulfate (A)

PES: Polyester
PVC: Polyvinyl chloride
UV: Ultraviolet


As a manufacturer of spill containment berms, Exflo offers its customers both products from its own catalogue and those “tailor-made” – strictly adjusted to customer needs. EFB spill containment berms are made of a special technical membrane with high chemical resistance and very high resistance to mechanical damage. EFB Standard model consists of two elements: a tank and separate cantilevers. The EFB Compact is a version where the cantilevers are integrated with the whole. EFB Mini, on the other hand, is a group of flexible tubs that can be easily adapted to the shelves of chemical storage racks, etc. They are handy, small and, above all, thanks to the use of a special membrane, their production is inexpensive, as no mould or pattern is required to start with, as it is the case of hard plastic baths. A special proposal is the IBC Berm model, in which a large capacity (up to 1100 l) is accumulated on a small area. Thanks to the use of a pallet (steel or wooden), it is possible to move the IBCs together with the bath. The appropriate dimensions provide 110% capture capacity.

All models are available in two versions: Basic -a basic one, and Plus – which mechanical parameters are nearly 70% higher and for this reason it is recommended as spill containment berms, which will be in use by storage vehicles and cisterns.