Rental of soundproofing mats

Rental of soundproofing mats

Reduce noise on the construction site

Conducting construction and drilling works in the vicinity of residential zones is a challenge for any investment. The permissible noise standards specified in the ordinance must be met, otherwise it may be necessary to suspend the works underway and penalize the noisy entity generating noise (from financial penalties to imprisonment in extreme cases). In order to prevent this, it is recommended to perform a professional acoustic analysis (preferably by an accredited laboratory), which will indicate, among others: the places of setting the screens, their length and height.

The Exflo company offers the creation of temporary acoustic screens in places of construction works, providing the rental of Exnoiser sound-absorbing mats with the necessary construction elements. We can also comprehensively deal with noise reduction.

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Portable sound absorbing mats

Rental offer

As part of the noise reduction service at construction sites, we offer:

  • Rental of acoustic screens: Exnoiser sound-absorbing mats, structural elements (e.g. modular scaffolding)
  • Screen structure design
  • Delivery, assembly and disassembly of temporary acoustic screens
  • Comprehensive service: providing acoustic analysis in cooperation with an accredited laboratory, execution of screens in cooperation with the laboratory and the Ordering Party in order to obtain the legally required noise level

Why Exflo?

Comprehensive service: we provide rental with assembly and disassembly;

  • We use effective solutions: the Exnoiser product is proven to be effective
  • Flexible offer: we use our experience and individual approach
  • Reliable partner: we cooperate with the largest companies in Poland

Price list – rental of sound-absorbing mats

Rental prices for Exnoiser mats can be found in the table below. A preparation fee should be added to the rental period – EUR 5 NET / 1 pc.

Rental period
up to 14 days
Rental period
1 month
Rental period
2-4 months
Rental period
5-8 months
1 EUR net/day
(1,23 EUR gross with 23% VAT)
0,8 EUR net/day
(0,98 EUR gross with 23% VAT)
0,7 EUR net/day
(0,86 EUR gross with 23% VAT)
0,6 EUR net/day
(0,74 EUR gross with 23% VAT)


We send mats on a pallet with dimensions of 2.0 x 1.2 m
The maximum number of mats on a pallet – 30 pieces

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