Rental of water tanks

Rental of water tanks

Quickly and without unnecessary formalities

How to create a water storage with a capacity of several hundred to several thousand cubic meters of water in a few days? Just contact us and we’ll take care of everything! Our portfolio includes projects during which we provided comprehensive services: water supply by tankers, storage of several thousand cubic meters of water in Exflo cushion tanks in winter conditions with its heating to a temperature above 15 degrees Celsius and transfer with an expenditure of over 12 cubic meters per minute .


Zero formalities

All you need to do is select a tank, specify the rental period and sign a rental agreement.

Cost reduction

Save costs and rent a tank for exactly as many days as you need.


After the rental period, you can reuse the place where the tank was located.

No risk

Our water tanks are tight and durable, as evidenced by numerous positive opinions from our customers.

Price list – water tank rental

We offer rental of water tanks for a period from 14 days to even 2 years!

Rental period up to 14 days 1 month rental period 2-4 months rental period 5-12 months rental period 13-24 months rental period
Water tank 200 m³ 400 € 667 € 567 € 467 € 395 €
Water tank 100 m³ 556 € 437 € 389 €
ZWater tank 50 m³ 400 € 340 € 280 €
Heating mats for a 200 m³ tank with ROG switchgear 334 € 254 € 212 € 178 €
Heating mats for a 100 m³ tank with ROG switchgear 267 € 227 € 214 € 187 €

We also rent tanks for liquid fertilizers, such as RSM or ASL. The tanks are durable, UV-protected and their service life exceeds 10 years. Standard capacities of Exflo flexible tanks for nitrate fertilizers are from 1 to 250m³.


Rental of modular open tanks

We offer water storage in ground, modular open tanks. One of the basic modules of the tank has a capacity of 1400 m³, it is possible to change its length, width and filling height.

As part of the water transfer and temporary storage service, we offer:

  • Preparation of the design of the water base, connections, guidelines for the area
  • Selection of appropriate pumps
  • Supervision over the preparation of the site according to the guidelines
  • Transport of tanks to their destination
  • Installation of tanks and connections necessary for temporary water storage
  • In winter, frost protection (heating of tanks and infrastructure)
  • Rental of tanks with the necessary infrastructure (suction and delivery hoses, collectors, heating mats, power generators, lighting)
  • The supply of water to the tanks by means of tanks or the created transmission pipeline
  • Rental of pump units with service
  • 24h service
  • Transfer of water from tanks to the place indicated by the Employer
  • Disassembly of the infrastructure made

Benefits of working with Exflo:

  • We use our experience and individual approach
  • Speed of installation of tanks: from 1400 m³ in 2 days to 3000 m³ in 4 days
  • Proven and safe technology
  • Comprehensive service possible
  • Reliable partner: we cooperate with the largest companies in Poland