Spill containment berms rental

Rental of spill containment berms

Short-term and long-term rental

We realize that in many cases, especially with a fluctuating number of projects, it is better to rent the necessary thing than to buy it. Therefore, for companies that need to protect themselves against uncontrolled leakage for a certain period of time, e.g. in temporarily enlarged chemical warehouses or from rented equipment, we offer the rental of flexible EFB Standard or EFB Compact spill containment berms. Details on chemical resistance are available in the “products” tab and the remaining data depends on the available models in the starter or plus version.

The rental of flexible spill containment berms made of oil-resistant materials can be short-term or long-term. For longer rental periods, we offer the possibility of making a tailor-made berms.

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Spill containment berm


Assembling the berms only takes a few minutes. It is enough to spread the product on a flat surface and place the wall supports in the right places.

Standard version

Wanny wychwytowe – wersja Standard EN

Comfort version

Wanny wychwytowe – wersja Compact EN

Pricelist – rental of spill containment berms

Berm rental prices start from 5 EUR net per day. The amounts vary depending on the length of the lease and the capacity of the selected product.
The price does not include the cost of delivery and maintenance:

  • Maintenance fee for spill containment berms below 4000 l capacity – EUR 10 net
  • Maintenance fee for spill containment berms over 4000 l capacity – EUR 20 net

Below are some examples of valuations for selected spill containment berms. The products can also be ordered to size. Before the berms, they must be cleaned of any hazardous substances.

Spill containment berm version – usage Dimensions

Empty capacity,
up to 95% of height

Net price
per day
Starter – 1 x pallet / 2 barrel 1,20 x 0,80 x 0,14 m 127 l 5 EUR
EFB Standard Plus – 1 x pallet container 1000l / IBC 1,90 x 1,85 x 0,35 m 1 169 l 5 EUR
EFB Standard Plus – 1 x pallet container 1000l / IBC lub 2 x pallets / 4 barrels 2,00 x 2,00 x 0,30 m 1 140 l 5 EUR
EFB Plus – 2 x pallet container1000l / IBC (incomplete uptake) lub 2 x pallets / 4 barrels 2,28 x 1,80 x 0,30 m 1 196 l 5 EUR
EFB Standard Basic – Cistern / 20 pallet container 1000l 12,00 x 3,00 x 0,25 m 8 550 l 7 EUR
EFB Standard Plus – 2 IBC x 1000l 2,60 x 1,75 x 0,35 m 1 512 l 5 EUR
EFB Standard Plus – 4 IBC x 1000l 4,80 x 1,60 x 0,25 m 1 824 l 6 EUR

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