Spill containment for installations using old construction

Installation with a tank containing 32% hydrochloric acid. The old protection, in the form of a concrete sump, required a tailor-made seal to avoid the tank relocation operation. Interestingly, 32% hydrochloric acid in two years of contact with our material has a non-compliance status, but the client did not intend to allow the situation to last two years. Finally, in cooperation with our supplier’s laboratory, we obtained a six-month warranty for the constant contact of hydrochloric acid with the fabric and, of course, a standard, two-year warranty for the entire “tub”.

Such non-standard projects are usually based on close cooperation with the client and obtaining the necessary data. This allows you to reduce costs. On the basis of the obtained measurement results, we prepare a membrane consisting of several parts, which we connect together on site. This is the solution to the problem of preventing the effects of uncontrolled leaks – made to measure, at Exflo.

10 February 2021